Unveiling the Talk show You Can’t Resist

Unveiling the Talk show You Can’t Resist


Unstoppable with NBK is the talk show that is taking entertainment to new heights. Charismatic Balayya Babu, known for his amazing acting and popularity, brings a fresh and captivating vibe to this show. His way of interviewing sets him apart as a fantastic host, making the audience laugh and providing new perspectives.


With the rising popularity, everyone knows about the Unstoppable with NBK hosted by Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna. Balayya Babu brought out not only his acting and mass performance but also his anchoring talent with the show. It seemed that there was no one better than him to bring out new things by doing interviews in his own style. On one side, the audience is laughing heartily, while on the other side, a lady is playing with questions to the guests. But Telugu talk shows have become more crazed with the presence of star heroines as well as politicians.


The show, which is being launched by aha, a leading OTT company, is getting a great response. It has already completed two seasons successfully. Balayya’s buzz with celebrities impressed the fans in a range of ways. Star heroes like Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan participated in this show and got more craze. The show is currently in its third season. Already in the Unstoppable season 3, Balayya made noise with the ‘Bhagwant Kesari’ team. In this season, which started with the name Limited Edition, the ‘Animal’ team is going to make noise. Bollywood star hero Ranbir Kapoor, national crush Rashmika Mandanna, and director Sandeep Reddy Vanga are participating in this show.


 But in the new episodes of the third season, which started recently, they also brought in the Bhagwant Kesari film team, which had Balakrishna as the main lead and created a buzz. The response to this episode was unexpected. But recently the promo for the third episode has been released. Now let’s know who participated in this and how Balayya Babu enjoyed with them.


Recently, ‘aha’ has announced the streaming date for the ‘Animal’ team episode. It has been revealed that the episode will be aired on November 24. To this extent, the ‘Animal’ team has released a promo related to the show. As part of ‘Animal’ movie promotions, Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandana, and director Sandeep Vanga will make noise in ‘Unstoppable Season 3’. Some photos have already come out regarding this.


Ranbir and Balakrishna were seen in the same frame, which impressed the fans. For the first time, a Bollywood hero has come with Balayya and made noise on the Telugu talk shows. The fans are eagerly waiting for that episode. And in this show, Ranbir Kapoor Balayya seems to have entertained by saying the powerful dialogue, “Flute before the deer, not before the lion.”


As fans eagerly await the upcoming ‘Animal’ team episode, “Unstoppable with NBK” continues to redefine talk show entertainment. Get ready for a unique combination of charm, humour, and star-studded conversations in each episode. Stay tuned for an upcoming episode of Unstoppable Season 3 on aha that promises to be absolutely spectacular!